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Why Exercise Isn't Working Out

with Darryl Edwards
Author, TEDx Speaker, Founder of Primal Play

April 13th, 1 pm GMT / 8 am EST

As a health and movement coach, Darryl has had an inspirational journey that has taken him from a career in investment banking, through the challenges of personal loss, to a point of defining change. He provides insight as a guy whose health was literally slipping away with each passing year before transforming himself through a wellness-first lifestyle.

Darryl takes you on his inspirational journey to help you rediscover the joy and benefits of getting healthy through movement.

Money Matters: A Guide to Personal Finances

with Ted Jenkin
CNBC, CNN, & HLN Money Expert

April 20th, 1:30 pm GMT / 8:30 am EST

Work can be a stressful place even during the best of times while being bombarded by emails, racing to meet deadlines, and juggling all the daily demands. If you throw anxiety about personal finances into the mix, it can be all too easy to find yourself struggling to cope. 

Ted Jenkin will ensure you don’t leave this session short-changed with his practical, easy-to-implement tips to support your personal financial well-being.

Raising the Bar

with Alli Webb
Co-Founder of Drybar

April 27th, 6 pm GMT / 1 PM EST

Alli is a co-founder of the multi-million dollar blowout business Drybar. Having seen her company explode into an internationally recognized brand, Alli has successfully navigated the highs and lows throughout her amazing success story.

Alli takes you on her journey in becoming a globally successful female entrepreneur providing you with practical insights on creating personal success.

How to Grow Through What You Go Through

with Jonny Wilkinson
World Cup-Winning Rugby Legend & Mental Health Advocate

May 4th, 1 pm GMT / 8 am EST

The challenges of the past twelve months have taught us a number of lessons about our own mental wellness. While many of us have faced immense adversity, we are now more equipped than ever to grow and overcome any obstacle. Sporting legend Jonny Wilkinson reflects on his own journey with mental health for Stress Awareness Week.

Through his personal and professional experiences, he will show you how the challenges of the past year can be the greatest teachers of all.

Kick-Start Creativity

with Nir Bashan
World-Renowned Creativity Speaker & Author of The Creator Mindset

Tuesday, May 11th, 1 pm GMT / 8 am EST

Creativity increases curiosity that drives desire to learn and innovate, but has creative-thinking been held back due to the pandemic? Do you seek ways of inspiring creativity, fostering imagination, innovating at work, and solving problems?

Join Nir as he provides a playbook for experiencing the benefits of creativity and innovation.

Eat Right, Perform Better

with Kelly Springer
ABC Nutritional Expert

Tuesday, May 18th, 1 pm GMT / 8 am EST

How well do you eat? It's important to understand the impact of different food groups, their nutritional value, and how they drive performance and well-being.

Hear from Kelly as she provides valuable insights that will help anyone who wishes to have more energy, perform at their best, or just feel better.

The Power of Teamwork

with Mark Gallagher
Former F1 Management Director & Author

Tuesday, May 25th, 1 pm GMT / 8 am EST

The importance of teamwork is clear. It keeps us engaged, helps improve performance, and creates the winning edge. No one knows this better than former F1 executive Mark Gallagher.

Join him as he takes us through the guiding principles of teamwork from a life in Formula 1.

Positivity in the Face of Adversity

with Jay Blades
TV Presenter & Author

Things don't always go according to plan. In difficult times, you need support, perseverance, mental agility, and a positive mindset to keep things on track. Join TV presenter and author, Jay Blades, as he takes us through his inspirational story while uncovering the secrets to staying positive and achieving your goals, however hard the road ahead.

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